Data Analysis Expressions (DAX) is a formula language introduced by Microsoft in Power Pivot and Analysis Services Tabular to define calculations and queries.

DAX Formatter is a free tool that transform your raw DAX formulas into clean, beautiful and readable code.
The syntax rules used improves the readability of the expressions, if you want learn more read the article: Rules for DAX Code Formatting.


You can format any DAX query and expression in the form:


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Latest Changes

March 25, 2014:

FIrst support to comments

You can include comments (single line with // and multiple lines with /* … */ ). Comments at the end of an expression are not recognized. Comment position might be moved according to formatting. Please submit any bug on comment Handling, thanks!

Fixed issue with FIND function

If the third argument in FIND function was missing, and the fourth was present, the formatting did not recognize a valid syntax.

March 5, 2014:

Fixed split of expressions in too many lines

Now it splits only two binary operators in the same expressions. To be improved, implementing different logic for logical, comparisons and arithmetical operators.

February 26, 2014:

Split long expressions in multiple lines (not fully tested)

February 19, 2014:

Implemented support of DAX Editor syntax